Becoming Nigeria’s President

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Professor Ekekwe devised a strategy to capitalize on his unquestionable pedigree as an engineer by crafting and syndicating a clear, nuanced, consistent, and positive voice on a bedrock of data-rich reasoning that always leaves you wanting to agree or disagree sharply with his position but never his intellect and brilliance.

  • Be Different: Most people are afraid to stand clearly in a camp. Maybe it isn't most people, maybe it is just me. However, standing out requires being different. There are numerous ways of being different, what is important is finding the ways that you can be different without being inconsistent with who you are and what you truly believe. Professor Ekekwe merely stands alongside the average Nigerian. Even though he is now far from average, he has managed to stay connected to the voice, eyes, needs, and perspectives of the common man. Even as he lives in the United States.
  • Be Bold: There are so many people that are different but fewer combine difference with boldness. Usually, when you are different, it's so much easier to be different and weird than to be different and bold. To stand confidently in your difference and make it an armor. A bold broke man goes to a rich independent lady and says…

“I have concluded that you cannot live without my humor and my connections to life — doing a lot with a little”…

On the contrary, a wealthy timid man thinks of a friendly lady…


The gentle professor is merely an alliteration, a pointer to the message that YOU can become Nigeria’s president but you must play the long game.

I, Adedolapo Olisa, will become the president of Nigerian in 2052

I have a dream, it is a dream, it is bold and it is different.


Since I see the professor as one that has achieved the brand notoriety to knock successfully at the biggest job in the land. I will x-ray his journey and deduce what any young man, looking to take on this job, must consider.

Time and Timing:

One of the most frustrating elements of impeccable execution is time. There are so many sound strategies that fail because of their premise or impatience.

  • Premise 1: I want to become the president of Nigeria in the *NEXT* election.

Network and Resources:

If you have the vision to finish Medical school by age 17. You might be able to skip network and resources even though I wager that it is still needed. But for lofty non merely personal goals. The need to network and the need for a robust network cannot be understated.

Where will your imagination take you and what resources will you need that you do not possess?

Fortunately for you and me, the resource doesn't come before the network. Oftentimes, all we know is the big block of the unknown which liaising with expertise helps to unravel and define.

“I must craft my vision statement, shop my vision, and embrace feedback. I must NETWORK.”

There is a marriage between network and resources that are profoundly more impactful than any of these pillars alone. Impeccable execution requires this marriage; and like any great marriage, divorce weakens both parties. So do all that is within you to

  • Know who you are before you begin networking towards a goal.
  • Know what you believe.
  • Seek clarity.
  • Stand and be BOLD.
  • Default to attracting over hunting.
  • Prioritize knowing, who you are not, over defining who you are.

Work and Play:

Work the plan too much. You get burnt out. You get burnt out, before you know it, you are burning up and draining your network with negative energy.

Work and Play!

There is an innate human desire to fill up our days, to consume time with meaning. To latch onto visions that provide tangible attainment but a life long pursuit. We want to feel accomplished and we want to feel like there is so much more to accomplish. We want to arrive but also always be on a journey.

Who is the Bridegroom?

The man who made you and gave you a purpose. A purpose that is a dream, a dream that must be written, made plain. For me, I write to announce this desire. It is not yet a dream but I hope that other young qualified presidents will read this and apply its naive insights.



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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.