Creativity is not unholy


I take a moment to walk in the shoes of the people around Jesus asking Him questions about taxes. I like to think that they wanted to do the right thing. I like to think that they looked around and felt they wanted to be loyal. They wanted to be true. Loyalty is good. Right ? Especially when one is being loyal to the Messiah.

So how did Jesus challenge the Pharisees and guardians of the letter of the law yet He did not abolish the law ?

Jesus created new applications from the same intent God had when the Old Testament laws were made.

Grace is God entrusting man with freedom to be creative to adapt His principles to their context.

This concept might sound foreign but I want to ask a question. Why don’t we have one government and one set of rules for the whole world ?

  • Jesus called Pharisees vipers. They made and guarded the OT law and it’s enforcing in society. You would expect one coming to fulfill the law to be their friends or work together ?
  • Jesus took the laws and went further. If you are mad at your brother, it’s same as murder. That seems extreme and certainly not what the law said. But there is no question as extreme as it was, it aligned with the intent of the original law.
  • Jesus contradicted the letter of the laws but never the intent in His applications to context. Stone the woman, if you are without sin. There was no previous requirement to be perfect to enforce the law or meter Justice. Also why was the “he who is without stone cast the first stone” principle not apply to other laws? If it is taken as a principle then no one can truly enforce justice.
  • Jesus wanted to teach the people to be law abiding citizen. He wanted their light to shine as citizens that upheld the law. He wanted them to be faultless and blameless. He knew that their light will shine brightest as examples to be emulated not rebels to be fought. I’m not saying there is no time to be rebels as the examples to be emulated but in a context with a chance to be at peace with the government, Jesus found that chance. That is creativity. Creativity doesn’t mean it is easier or faster. Often times it is not. The best art work usually take the longer time to make. What Jesus didn’t want to attract to His cause are people who were looking for a reason to escape paying their dues. Because the intent and heart of such don’t align with surrender which is a fundamental demand of faith.
  • Second, Jesus wanted to emphasize the fact that His ministry stands on the shoulder of all who came before Him. Even when you renovate a house, you don’t usually need to uproot the foundation.

What does this have to do with me, today ?

Our context is different from the distant past. Even now, the past is no longer decades. Culture is changing faster in a year than it did in 10 years in previous generation.




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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.