Grace and Sovereignty

Photo by Anita SHEPPERD on Unsplash

Son, you have brought me one who gets to the heart of my heart cry. She is perfect.

Then I become confused. Why did I think my dad will be mad? Did I hear wrong that he wanted me to marry a Yoruba woman? What in the confusion is this?

I do not know because the Judge, who created the loophole through Christ is the Sovereign one. He decides.

In the same way, I do not know that my father will love my white wife the same way I love her just because I chose her. I do not know. He may accept my choice, but will he accept her?

“Even Jesus chose what pleases the Father”

All we know of Jesus and the Father is even Jesus submitted to His will. The Will of the Father is Sovereign. It is what fuels heaven and earth; and all the Justice that emanates and keeps it wholly intact.



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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.