Adedolapo Olisa
3 min readNov 6, 2020


Old Self: I hate who you have become

Old: You have become someone I don’t recognize, don’t like, can’t identify with, and quite frankly I am ashamed of.

New: Why??

Old: you rejoice at the advancement of sinners. You rejoice that confused people are gaining prominence. You rejoice that people who are scums of the earth and need to be relegated and silenced are gaining a voice. You…

New: hold up. Speak in plain terms.

Old: I noticed that you were happy not disgusted that an open transgender is now in Congress.

New: actually, I didn’t rejoice. I just merely told you that your disgust is out of place. I just merely told you that you don’t now his/her story. I just merely told you that her sexual orientation doesn’t define him/her, definitely doesn’t devalue the humanity resident in their being. I just merely asked you to worm with me to develop a new emotion because disgust is inappropriate and not Christ-like. Let’s say I agree with you that it’s sin to change your sex which I really need to sort out still, the act was a sin. It’s one act. In the past. Why do you assume without hearing their story that they are just a domino of sinfulness trotting around town and infecting the world making them grow satanic horns.

Old: well! Isn’t that true? If you choose to be a different sex then you must be living out of the will of God and you being in the news can’t be good for morality. It can’t be advancing God’s kingdom. It has to be our moral duty as Christians to stop this glorification of sinful choices that cedes Dominion of this world to Satan.

New: first of all, this world through God’s permission/allowance is already a dominion of the enemy. We just get to be in it and try to not be of it. It’s God’s business why He left evil incarnate stay alive but dehumanizing people because I think they are wrong furthers the agenda of the enemy faster than whatever you are fighting. The love of God which manifests through right treatment of people, upholding the image of God in creation, is like a tree taking out carbon dioxide in a pollutted world. We need to plant more trees in this world. We are adding to the pollution when we drive old cars with terrible exhaust around to fine manufacturing plants that we deem pollutants.

Old: why do I feel like you are digressing again. What does this have to do with pollution and green deals or Paris climate accords. I’m simply saying. It is wrong to be transgender and we should be speaking out against it. These people should not be getting more visible, more rights. They should be shut down, quieted down and made to pay for their sins.

New: okay. Then let’s lead by example. Turn yourself in for sexting and sending a dick pic to her last week.

Old: oh.

New: the Love of Jesus saw your dick pic and met you same time and place at the altar the next morning. That is Christ. Are you gonna be like Him?

Old: let me think about it some more.

New: do that. I hear you. As you have some points. Let’s keep working it out. But the lazy categorization maybe good in civil court but it’s unbecoming of one who’s God invented grace and who’s identity is love.



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