Running into Blame

Photo by Franck CHARLES on Unsplash
  • Have you ever been caught doing a job you dont love?
  • Have you ever been new on a job learning the ropes and overconfident when you get a hang of an important part of the job?
  • Have you ever thought of people through stereotypes only to find that there are exceptions?
  • Have you ever realized that you need to update your stereotypes of people because you found a growing list of exceptions to your stereotype?
  • Have you ever sucked so bad at your job but hang on to the insurance and benefits at the expense of other people that could be promoted or do a better job?



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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.