The journey of purpose starts by design.

I’m not gonna have an intellectual discourse with you on purpose. Just know this you can’t have purpose without design and you can’t have design without a designer. Good luck finding your true purpose without God.

I know you can find A purpose and call it yours truly. But it won’t be THE purpose. Do you really wanna live for a purpose? Like a dog living for a purpose any 4 legged animal can have. Think about how many 4 legged animal there are! A lion’s purpose versus a dog’s? Imagine a lion stuck in a cage adopting the purpose of a dog. I mean what do we do with all that teeth and killer instincts; that mane or those claws. Oh boy, THOSE claws! Or the jaws.

Be like that. Be living for a generic purpose. When she broke my heart, I questioned my designer and His purpose more than I allowed myself to feel the pain. I had decided that my purpose in part included marrying this beautiful woman and raising kids together. But you see, that was a purpose I pursued because she was the woman in my life in front of me.

It hurt like hell. Again, not because of her but because I was wrong. Everything about what my life was about needed a whole cosmetic surgery to change it back to what it was before my butt and face overhaul. The beautiful thing though was I had my designer’s number. So for 2 straight years, I called Him every day angry that I need to get reworked back to fit what He made me for. I was definitely a whiny little bitch because she cute, and she fine and she was mine but more so because I drank some real serious Kool aid and now I gotta spit it back out before I pee it out.

Purpose. You see, the point is, man’s greatest need is to be in alignment. Have you ever driven a car that is out of alignment? Everything about the experience feels wrong, it feels like a drag. As a driver, I know it’s no fun but I wonder what it must feel like as the car. The closest I can think of is when I chipped part of my meniscus and had a particle dancing all over my knees. It literally would grind my knees to a halt and I would just take a bit to let it wriggle out so I can walk away. Being out of alignment sucks. It’s worse when you don’t know what alignment is, or when you have never been in alignment to begin with.

I am here to tell you, alignment is possible. Loon it up. And while you do that, look up purpose too.

Living in alignment with purpose is the single most significant determinant for fulfillment, legacy, essence, and all the beautiful states of life that we subconsciously live for. Don’t get me wrong you can have a season of fulfilled life where u aren’t necessarily in alignment but u feel good about whatever it is you allow yourself to be a vessel for. In the same way a horse can fill in as a dog when it’s little but as it grows to its full size it becomes painful to wake up and sleep in a house that the doors doesn’t fit its stomach.

There is a God sized hole in the heart of man that he will shove plenty things in but there is only one voice begin enough to fill it to it’s exact specification. It’s that voice of the one who made you.

See my recent pain was my breakup, it’s the lens that reset my perspective and it was painful. However, I believe each and everyone of us have different vehicles to ask the same question I’m curious to know if you are living without asking those questions and if you have asked, what are some of your answers and how do you know those answers are worth selling everything to live for. When I say it that way, it’s kinda scary. Sell everything to live for but that is the power of purpose. It’s unlike marriage where you can find a way to escape your spouse if needed. Purpose is that while that causes creaking every waking day. Until you align with it, it will serve you reminders in the most opportune moments.

In pain, purpose can be the most powerful source of perspective because well, have you ever talked to the chemical compounds that form the gold that made the ring possible. They would tell us that they hated the heated especially when they were yanked off the earth for no apparent reason. They will say, in less than 24 hours, I went from chilling in the dirt and expecting to spend the rest of my life hidden in nature to feeling incredible heat that gave me a new found appreciation for whatever the temperature of hell will be like. They will say that they hated going from strong robust and powerful to melting into liquid so soft like common water. They will say that they hated looking at themselves in the mirror and being unable to recognize this liquid form easily tossed and poured about from one mold to the other. They will say a lot of things but in the end; they will also say this:

I did not know that my life’s purpose was to be a living breathing symbol of love for the rest of my life. To be showcased to joyful gasps for air because of the beauty and price for which I was bought. But I am grateful that He who made me, who saw me in the dirt chose to be patient with the process. I am glad that I endured and I didn’t run away and pour away into the dirt or hide in the mold that was to form me. I am glad that I poured when I needed to and didn’t stay liquid but let the temperature change make me solid again. I am glad that I made the journey to become who I was made to be.

To you human who has tried so many different ways to be useful, to be human, to be purposeful, to you: find your designer.

The journey of purpose starts by design.


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.

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Adedolapo Olisa

I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.