The Painful Season is Part of Purpose

  • If whatever doesn’t include the downward spirals, the deflection point, the moments of weakness, the period of loss, the season of turmoil, and whatever classifies as low for you. Just because low for Paul was financial doesn’t exclude whatever low is for you.
  • This bullet point is just to prevent having a list of one.
  • I think it was important to connect circumstance with the WHATEVER.
  • I think it was important to establish the timelessness and agelessness of the need to be CONTENT in ALL seasons.
  • There is a link between always CONTENT and JOY. They have a root in constancy.
  • Joy is the disposition that does not depend on anything. It is what it is because He is. No other excuse or reason to be.
  • Always content speaks to being the trend line through the oscillating experience especially circumstances.
  • If circumstances were the stock market, contentment is the trend line always pointing up not lost in Tesla’s big dip or Bitcoin’s big spike. And Joy? She is the reason to gather the neighborhood every Sunday to eat bacon and egg + play snake and ladder. Joy just don’t care what the news says. It’s gonna cook and serve the heck out of life.
  • His community: despised and rejected.
  • His experience: a man of suffering and familiar with pain.
  • No Jesus without the cross.
  • No Mother Theresa without lack.
  • No Ghandi without deprivation.
  • No MLK without jail.




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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa


I’m an aspiring story teller that is learning to let stories tell their own morals. You’ll find me where Faith-Tech-Art meet.