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4 min readSep 12, 2020

Two voices, one Head.

Intro: Dolapo was discontent with life again. He was feeling another cloud of depression descending on him. In that moment, he reached out to wisdom or the part of him that likes to make sense of everything. Dolapo has observed that he severely lacks a community that has expectations of him and holds him to it. In place of friends, he talked to himself. Let’s listen in on the dialog.

DisMe: “I want someone to claim me. Own me.”

WisMe: “That is because you want to own someone else.”

DisMe: “Dang. That was fast, you caught me. I just went down memory lane to when I owned someone. Boy it felt good to know that at least one person in this God forsaking world worries about me, everyday.”

WisMe: “so your problem is that you miss being worried about ?”

DisMe: “kinda! Is that weird ?”

WisMe: “no, to each his own. As long as you don’t make people worry about you just to feel worried for.”

DisMe: “well, I kinda did like the ‘worried for’ too much.”

WisMe: “what does that even mean?”

DisMe: “I used to work past when we were supposed to talk, hoping my phone would buzz with a worried lover semi angry that she hasn’t heard from me.”

WisMe: “that doesn’t sound healthy…”

DisMe: “it didn’t feel unhealthy either.” *smirks*

WisMe: “do you see how it’s unhealthy now ?”

DisMe: “maybe? But that feeling was like a drug. I used to dig that feeling more than even when we cuddled and did stuff. There is just something special for me when someone or people love me enough to look for me when I am not where they expect me to be.

WisMe: “I don’t think I can help you…”

DisMe: “well you already are helping me! Why are you trying to fix me again?”

WisMe: “I mean you sound like you have a real big problem there. Basically you just said you feel more intimate when you create a worry-about-me situation and someone special worries about you than when you have physically intimate moments?”

DisMe: “that is why I said you have helped me. Just merely creating a space for me to hear myself say that has been gold.”

WisMe: “oh really! Tell me more! Maybe I am making you feel ‘Worried-for’ again because I am worrying about your problem?”

DisMe: “ I was just about to say that. In a twisted way. I feel very loved right now that you just sit here with me and ask me questions that goes deep. It feels the same as when people worry about me but I don’t think you are worrying though. Are you?”

WisMe: “I am not worried about you bro! I just like to find problems and offer solutions. And it sounded like you got a problem. Just trying to help.”

DisMe: “all that love I told I felt, just evaporated. Thanks!”

WisMe: “what you mean ?”

DisMe: “I am being vulnerable and spewing out my gut and I felt like it was a safe space but you reminded me that you are incapable of empathy. So i don’t know where I got the idea that you were trying to love me and not love yourself. I should have known if there is nothing in it for you, you ain’t invest your time in it.”

WisMe: “oh, shut it!”

DisMe: “shut it?!! I am trying to teach…”

WisMe: “SHUT it! You ingrate! Teach me what? Huh?! You are the one with problems that I am grateful to solve and you sit there talking about teaching me something. News Flash, WisMe is short for Wise Me. I know everything!”

DisMe: “and DisMe is discontent Me, so I guess I am all bad — bad mood, bad emotions, bad feelings, bad energy, bad vibes. Let me be true to my name and be discontent with your fake ass, fake energy and Inhumane logic. I’m over this conversation.”

WisMe: “I’m sorry!!! Fine. You win. I just hate it when I don’t Know everything. You did teach me something. I speak truth but not in love. Your greater need was love not truth. Infact you figured out what was true by me just loving you and being present. I didn’t see that before.”

DisMe: “Oh.! Let me see if that website is free because imma buy it to immortalize this moment! Did you just say that you are not all knowing ?!”

WisMe: “ I d…”

DisMe: “ AND! Big AND, did you just find a problem with yourself?! I have only seen you find problems in other people even though I see through your perfection persona. We all do! We be laughing at how you are often there to help people see their faults but you eject the moment it’s your turn. I might be proud of you in this moment. Might. I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

WisMe: “FUCCCCKKKK!!!! Is it that obvious?”

DisMe: “why are you cursing? You never do.”

WisMe: “I do in my head. But it’s not a Christian thing to do so I exhibit wisdom and self control. Since you know that I am imperfect, I figured at least in this moment I can let it all out. It felt good.”

DisMe: “oh, it feels good everytime I do it which is at least 10 times a day. Nothing captures frustration like a good. F. U. C. K. prolonged like a belching. In fact it’s kinda like when you eat too much and you release that tension in your belly. Ughh! Soo gooooood! Sooooo geeeewwwwweeeddd!”

WisMe: “okay, that is enough there buddy. I know I am imperfect but I definitely don’t wanna be influenced by your bad side. The wisdom in me doesn’t vibe with that energy.”

DisMe: “shake my head. You got issues. That doesn’t even deserve a retort.”

WisMe: “I love you. I really do. Who else would take time to have this meandering conversation with me?”

DisMe: “I don’t Love you. I fuck with you!”

WisMe: “on that note. Have a good day!”

Outro: The End.

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