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3 min readAug 15, 2020


Why is the most time tested remedy more difficult to apply ?

See, Corona Virus is closest in model and pattern to a flu. Period. It’s gonna mutate every season which makes treating it feel like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Key word here is Keeping Up. We will need to find a treatment, and keep up with its many mutations and variations.

Also, I recognize that the moment anyone uses Flu and Corona in the same sentence, it’s as if a fatal sin has been committed. Talk to your doctor and nurse friends. Flu and Corona are distant cousins in a world where we cannot even find another relative to the devastating Corona. So why do t we learn from the family ties we recognize.

Lesson 1: this is probably the only lesson. Why are open businesses closing their restroom to the public ?

Flu has been raging on for years and the big lesson that came out of its past devastation was hygiene. Particularly, learning to wash your hands and keep a clean hand.

It’s remarkable that when you go to the restroom in the US, there is always soap, water and paper towel even if the business is out of supplies for why they exist.

By all accounts, a consistently clean hand is the most significant correlation between a managed pandemic and a raging one. By all accounts, the masks we have available are too cheap to be effectively preventative. Unless everyone literally imbibes the mask culture, masks mostly don’t come close to hygiene as a preventative solution.

By hygiene, I mean really wash your hands. So how come businesses close their restrooms ? I would imagine that instead of making it more difficult for people to wash their hands, we would be making it easier? I would imagine that there would be a premium put on designing a portable sinks and toilet soap dispenser that can be put in front of doors so everyone can wash their hands as they come in.

I get that hand sanitizer is the next best thing but until we figure out why some sanitizers have toxins and validate the effectiveness in comparison to clean hands, I’m sticking with what works.

Clean hands has worked for years, decades, centuries ? Lol. It’s time to get back to double down on that practically besides merely the PR to wash your hands.

I used to love seeing that notice in restrooms to employees to wash hands mandatorily before returning back to work. I mean, we could make that true for everyone that comes to do business. Not because we think they are dirty but the frequency and ease of getting our hands clean ensures that regardless of where we have been, visiting a business is now the prevention and not the spread.

Is it really practical to keep sitting home and not going anywhere ? Is it really practical to expect everyone to wear masks? Wearing masks only within the premises of a business doesn’t do Much good but washing your hands when you visit a business not only does good for the business’ visit but after it as well.

I’m not a medical expert but I like to think. Problems excite me because they juggle creativity within to devise, and refine a solution.

For Corona, I think the obvious is still our best. Keep your hands clean.

For Government, let’s encourage visiting businesses, especially if we can enforce washing hands. We need what we need from businesses, we need to not merely make it safer when we visit businesses, but for visiting businesses to be the action that drastically reduces contagion.

Right now, the spread is not being reduced because what is mandated doesn’t attack the virus, it merely timidly reduces its risk.

We are all hyper sensitive to a coughing person. In fact most people with symptoms are well aware to stay home.

The real solution is how to help unsuspecting asymptotic people limit their spread. A mask doesn’t really do that if they are not coughing or sneezing.

I am getting off my soap box now. But if you have your governor’s cellphone number. Especially California’s, send him this article ;)



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